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Re-engineer Business Breakthrough Growth Globally and Exponentially

Redefine the way how your business should take off and expand beyond border,globally

We ease investor to entrepreneurs or business owners to achieve megahit and aims to engineer the value of the business by increasing its value

Mitigate risk by engaging across various industries and countries

Determine scalability, sustainability and security
of the businesses

Protect investors to entrepreneurs and business owners from potential downfall

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Identify suitable business

Every investor has a risk appetite. Therefore, the type of business that is suitable for them differs according to the financial ability of their investment.

Reduce the risk gap

Every investment has its risks, some high, medium, and low risks. If investors face high risk, with this BILC strategy at least it can reduce the fall experienced by investors.

Increase network in business

Being part of the MCM community, investors will indirectly be able to expand their investment network in the business world from various fields.

 Protect from potential falls 

Every investor needs an investment that has a security guarantee.
The BILC strategy is a form of innovation undertaken by MCM to be a guaranteed safety to investors if their investments have the potential to fall or decline.

Business Investment Life Cycle


An Engine that Moves the Business Forward

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