With no time and location constraints, you can start at zero-cost and definitely non-direct sale/MLM

MCM Brand Affiliate comes to your rescue

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Work anytime, part time as easy at your fingertips with APP provided mobile application and online store.

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MCM Brand Affiliate Program

You can start your online marketing immediately with your smartphone.

Grow your income in this forthcoming economic downturn.

The pandemic has taught us to reset and re-orient.

Be ready to prepare PLAN B for the new normal of tomorrow.

What is Brand Affiliate Marketing?

If you are already doing an online business, you will most likely know "Brand Affiliate Marketing"


But many people don't know what it actually is or how it works?


Brand affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model that rewards members for taking the initiative to perform the sales submission.


This form of marketing is a very effective and low-risk to engage in an online marketing.

Benefits of MCM Brand Affiliate Program

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Cost Efficiency, the capital is as low as Zero, so it is no risk

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Possible to earn automated and passive income 

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All the back-end engine and system are being setup and ready Go To Market 

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No stocked up and follow up challenges 

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Convenient and Flexible, No time and location restrictions 

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Make every spending counts (self / B2B2C)

MCM Brand Affiliate Program

We Provide the most on-trend products

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Your Business Right in Your Mobile APP
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​Seamless integration

The following video allows you to easily learn how to

use the Bizporter App to start your affiliate Marketing.

Learn now and go online immediately.

Do  the following statements describe you?


I have no knowledge and experience in online marketing


I have no capital to start with


I am new to online marketing


Can I do as a part-time

There are no limits to what you can do!

MCM provides you with complimentary training courses and market support

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