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Join our
Business Strategies Seminar 2.0

Get easy and concise references to building a successful start-up

Equip yourself to know the basics of start-up knowledge from marketing, branding, business valuation to the essential elements to help you build a strong and successful start-up all wrapped up in this webinar.


Implement good branding strategies in business

Learn new knowledge about branding strategies to elevate your brand in order to attract new customers and maintain loyal customers. Proper branding will also differentiate you from other competitors in the market.

Guide to maintain business sustainability through appropriate marketing channels 

Acquire the business marketing skills to maintain the relevance of the business and customers' needs because of the current changes in the market due to the pandemic.


Learn how to determine the value of a business

Check out your business valuation to find out potential of your business growth and protect the assets.

What You Will Learn


The important elements for building a successful start-up


 Implementing 4'B's strategies in branding


Steps to execute a successful global marketing


How to value your company assets and benefit from it

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Who Should Attend

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GIC Members

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Meet The Speakers

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Dato Patrick Ong
Code7 Tech Sdn Bhd

3 Important Elements to Build a Successful Startups

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Dato Lewre Lew

The 4'B's to Excel in

Your Branding Journey 

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Killick Datta
Global Brand Partners

The Ultimate Guide to
New Global Marketing 

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Phoon Yee Min
MCM International Consultancy PLT

        The 4 Common Valuation
        Methods You Must Know


Dato Lewre Lew is the founder of Lewré which he founded in 1997. Over the past 20 years, Lewre has built their journey around the world and has won numerous awards and recognitions for its excellence in design and ability to lead the shoe fashion industry. The homegrown Lewré brand was a proud recipient of the Putra Brand for “SME brand of the year” in 2011 and named “Brand of the year” in 2016 – Fashion Shoes category” by the world branding forum.

Killick Datta, founded and heads up a global fashion and retail brand company, Global Brand Partners (GBP). Previously, Killick was head of Nike’s International Business Development. He went to school in Oxford and he holds a BSc in Chemistry & Biochemistry from University College, and an MBA from Durham University Business School.

Phoon Yee Min is a Certified Internal Auditor, earned her chartered accountant qualifications from Malaysia Institute of Accountants with ACCA under her belt. She is now a COO of MCM International Consultancy and has 17 years of working experience. Previously, Ms Phoon also has experience in working for international companies like Dell.

Dato Patrick Ong is the CEO of Code7 Tech Sdn Bhd. He graduated from Wisconsin International University, USA and MBA of Paris Graduate School of Management is actively involved in Malaysia’s business circle. Patrick is also actively involved in community work which includes as a member of Royal Police Force of Malaysia since 2012 with the commitment to serve the community and fight against crime.



Zoom link will be given through email reminders





15th Jan 2022



Ticket Price

RM 29.90

  • What is Business Strategy Seminar?
    MCM Business Strategy Event, a 2-hours of intense knowledge sharing session with a great line-up of industrial expert speakers, each covering the 4 vital corporate elements from Start-up, Branding, Strategy and Mission.
  • What are the key objectives of Business Strategy Seminar?
    1. Learn smart ways to expand your business during pandemic 2. Explore precise strategies to drive traffic to your outlet 3. Discover ways on how to tap into the right opportunity 4. Get to know four branding elements to gain trust from online clients 5. Build customers' loyalty with your company mission
  • How to register for Business Strategy Seminar?
    For GIC members, you can claim free tickets via Claim Free Ticket button while for non-members, you can secure your seat via you are a GIC Member, please click on the CLAIM FREE TICKET button If you are a non member, please do purchase from ticket2u link
  • How do I join event after registration?
    After you have registered, you will receive an email reminder a few days before the event that includes the username and password used to login to the seminar page
  • How to get confirmation email?
    1. Open the Seminar Web Link : 2. Please enter your email & password as provided 3. If you have not confirmed your email yet, you will see a pop-up notice requesting you to confirm your email address. 4. Click the confirmation email button & it will directly go to the confirmation email in your email. 5. Please click the confirmation email to confirm. 6. Once your email already confirm, you need to get back to the Seminar Web Link & enter your email and password. 7. Enter the live webinar website & you may now watch the webinar.

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