Investing In Your Knowledge

Connect to MCM global projects

Connect to
MCM global projects

With presence in more than 10 countries, we seek out and get connected with opportunities worldwide.

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MCM Global Investment Community, Be Part of MCM global INVESTMENT community

Be Part of MCM
global INVESTMENT community

With access to consistent project updates, learning their business models and getting principals to come and talk about their projects.

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Invest with trust and integrity

Invest with trust
and integrity

We have a proven track record, managing up to USD $10 billion in project value all over the world. 

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MCM was established in 2012 by Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar (CVTAPC) to help many people through this MCM.

Adhering to one of these values: People before Profit, Maxshangkar always had the determination to achieve them. 

The vision is to make MCM a Reliable Global Project Management Consultant (PMC) as well as the mission of

"Now everyone can invest globally" into reality making MCM one of the intact PMC companies by today.

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Max Capital Management Holding Ltd - Your Reliable Global Investment Education Platform

MCM is an experienced team dedicated to managing a knowledge-sharing platform teaching people about investing and finding more opportunities worldwide. These opportunities range from due diligence to identification, analysis, valuation, and much more in the investment cycle. This is done through our exclusive and trusted network, proven investment experience and our willingness to bring profit to our esteemed MCM GIC members. 




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