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Join our
Business Strategies Seminar 2.0

Get easy and concise references to building a successful start-up

Equip yourself to know the basics of start-up knowledge from marketing, branding, business valuation to the essential elements to help you build a strong and successful start-up all wrapped up in this webinar.


Implement good branding strategies in business

Learn new knowledge about branding strategies to elevate your brand in order to attract new customers and maintain loyal customers. Proper branding will also differentiate you from other competitors in the market.

Guide to maintain business sustainability through appropriate marketing channels 

Acquire the business marketing skills to maintain the relevance of the business and customers' needs because of the current changes in the market due to the pandemic.


Learn how to determine the value of a business

Check out your business valuation to find out potential of your business growth and protect the assets.

* Complimentary only for GIC Members

What You Will Learn