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BSS 4.0: Metaverse Begins

“There is a huge amount of excitement about the metaverse … and no-one wants to be left behind.” – BBC, 2021.

A new wave of virtual worlds is approaching. The Metaverse has been described as the convergence of all technological advances. A shared virtual space where people from all over the world can interact using immersive and emerging technologies. Proponents of the metaverse argue that the line between the "real" and "virtual" worlds will become blurred in the not-too -distant future. But the question is, how will it happen?


Join us and our incredible speakers to discover a variety of reasons to be excited in this webinar. Together, we will explore what we know about today’s Metaverse and the Legal Challenges within it, explore How Blockchain Revolutionized the World, and also unpack NFT: The Good and The Bad.

*Complimentary ticket WORTH RM49.90 only for GIC Members


*Complimentary ticket WORTH RM49.90 only for GIC Members

What You Will Learn


Understand Metaverse and Its Evolution in Web 3.0


Blockchain Protocols and Platforms Involved in Metaverse


How NFTs are Unlocking the Metaverse Potential


Who Should Attend

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Blockchain Enthusiasts


NFT Investors

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Metaverse Enthusiasts

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Meet The Incredible Speakers