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June 28, 2022

Gear Up Malaysia Celebrates Grand Launching of Its First Flagship Store


Kuala Lumpur, 28th June 2022 – Max Capital Management Holding Ltd (MCM) has officially launched their high performance activewear that delivers revolutionary performance and style, specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s fitness enthusiasts with its grand launching held on 26th June 2022 (Sunday) at Bukit Jalil Signature Shop-offices. 


The grand launching of Gear Up Malaysia's flagship store was enlivened with public fitness challenge activities, Zumba performances, lucky draw with attractive prizes worth up to RM 26,000 and refreshments exclusively for the public that participated and celebrated this momentous launching. The grand launching offers the greatest promotion, amongst them are One-Day-Only Store-wide 30% discount on normal priced items plus a triple Gear Up Points reward for all spending.

The Let's Gear Up grand launching was a successful event attended by over 400 visitors from the public and VIP guests.


From Left : Mr. Low Hee Mun, Mr. Roy Ong, Mr. Maxshangkar, Dato Wan Abu Bakar, Mr. Ken, Mr. Max Phoon

The grand launching was officiated by Group CEO and founder of MCM Group of Companies Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar, MCM Board of Convenors Dato Wan Abu Bakar, MCM Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Roy Ong, MCM Regional Manager Mr. Low Hee Mun, MCM Global Sports Venture Sdn. Bhd. Director Mr. Ken Ramesh, and Business Development Director Mr. Max Phoon.


From Second Left : Mr. Kelvin Than Chee Keong, Mr. Maxshangkar, Mr. Ken and their respective members.

Over and above, as part of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MCM has made a significant contribution in supporting the Malaysian Wheelchair Basketball Federation (MWBF) by donating 5% of the profits from the Gear Up store Bukit Jalil sales between 26 June - 22 July 2022. To commemorate the occasion, MCM GSV Director Mr. Ken Ramesh presented a mock cheque to MWBF President Mr. Kelvin Than Chee Keong, President MWBF and witnessed by MCM Group CEO Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar.

The event was attended by a number of attendees including President of Malaysian Wheelchair Basketball Federation (MWBF) Mr. Kelvin Than Chee Keong, President Selangor Basketball Mr. Poh Thiam Kar, President of Perak Basketball Association Mr. Chey That Woo and representative of SFL Performance Center Mr. Cheong Yow Keen.


Gear Up Malaysia Store at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

About MCM

MCM was established in 2012, through the rise of awareness and demand in the fitness industry, MCM is committed to helping Malaysians embrace a healthy lifestyle and creating a community of fitness to the next level. Reinforced with the tagline of "Embrace the Freedom, Fitness is the Way Forward" and aiming to be one of the leading sports brands in the market, Gear Up Malaysia flagship store on-board and bring together more global athleisure brands that are specially designed for fitness enthusiasts.

About MWBF

MWBF is a non-profit Sports and Recreational Body that promotes, develops and encourages the disabled community to join Wheelchair Basketball in the National and International level. From the early 2000s to the late 2020, the sport is popular among students, especially in Bangi Industrial Training and Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled (PLPP Bangi), Selangor.  MWBF has and will continue to strive forward in conducting various activities, including unearthing talents of new athletes, training technical officers and guiding new leaders especially among the disabled community, to develop the sport in the national and international level.

For information about MCM, please visit

Media Contact:

Mr. Low Hee Mun

Regional Manager of MCM Group of Companies

B-5-1, Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 7, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



马来西亚 Gear Up 庆祝首家旗舰店隆重开业

吉隆坡,2022年6月28日 - Max Capital Management Holding Ltd(MCM)于2022年6月26日(星期日)在 Bukit Jalil Signature Shop-Offices 正式推出了其高性能运动服,该运动服具有革命性的性能和风格,专为满足当今健身爱好者的需求而设计。


马来西亚 Gear Up 旗舰店的隆重开幕活动包括公众可以参与的健身挑战游戏、尊巴舞表演、价值高达 RM 26,000 的抽奖活动,并为参与这一重大开幕的公众提供茶点。当天更推出了极吸引人们的促销活动,其中包括全店商品30%折扣优惠(仅限普通价格),以及所有消费将获得三倍 Gear Up 积分奖励。

Let’s Gear Up 开幕活动很成功,并有高达400多名公众和贵宾出席。



左起:Low Hee Mun 先生、Roy Ong 先生、麦商格教授、Dato Wan Abu Bakar、Ken Ramesh 先生、Max Phoon 先生

这项盛大的开幕仪式由MCM集团首席执行员兼创始人麦商格教授,MCM 委员召集人 Dato Wan Abu Bakar,MCM 首席营销员 Roy Ong 先生,MCM 区域经理 Low Hee Mun 先生,MCM Global Sports Venture Sdn. Bhd. (MCM GSV) 董事 Ken Ramesh 先生和 MCM GSV 业务发展总监 Max Phoon 先生主持。


后排左二起:Kelvin Than Chee Keong 先生、麦商格教授、Ken Ramesh 先生和全体代表

除此之外,作为履行对企业社会责任(CSR)的一部分,MCM 为马来西亚轮椅篮球联合会(MWBF)作出贡献。凡在2022年6月26日至7月22日期间Bukit Jalil Gear Up 旗舰店的销售额,公司将会捐出5%的利润予MWBF。为了纪念这一重要时刻,MCM GSV 董事 Ken Ramesh 先生转交一张模拟支票给 MWBF 主席 Kelvin Than Chee Keong 先生,仪式由MCM集团首席执行员麦商格教授见证。


现场出席活动的有马来西亚轮椅篮球总会(MWBF)主席 Kelvin Than Chee Keong 先生、雪兰莪篮球总会主席 Poh Thiam Kar 先生、霹雳篮球总会主席 Chey That Woo 先生和 SFL Performance中心代表 Cheong Yow Kee 先生。


在 Pavilion Bukit Jalil 的 马来西亚 Gear Up 旗舰店

关于 MCM

MCM成立于2012年,通过提高健身行业的认识和需求,MCM 致力于帮助马来西亚人接受健康的生活方式,并创建一个更高水平的健身社区。MCM 以 “拥抱自由,健身是前进的方向” 为口号,以成为市场上领先的运动品牌之一为目标,Gear Up® 马来西亚旗舰店现已开业,汇集了更多专为健身爱好者设计的全球运动休闲品牌。

关于 马来西亚轮椅篮球总会(MWBF)

MWBF 是一个非营利性的体育和娱乐机构,旨在促进、发展和鼓励残疾人社区加入国家和国际层面的轮椅篮球运动。从 2000 年代初到 2020 年末,这项运动在学生中很受欢迎,尤其是在雪兰莪州的万宜工业培训和康复中心 (PLPP Bangi)。 MWBF 已经并将继续努力开展各种活动,包括挖掘新运动员的才能、培训技术官员和指导新的领导人,特别是在残疾人社区中,以在国家和国际层面发展这项运动。

有关 MCM 更多的信息,请游览: 



Mr. Low Hee Mun

MCM 公司集团区域经理

B-5-1, Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 7, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Gear Up Malaysia Flagship Store

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57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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