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Image by ardito ryan Harrisna
Image by Azka Nurakli

Key Facts about Taman Negara

  • The world oldest virgin rain-forest

  • The world longest canopy walk (510 meters long suspension bridge, heights of over 45 meter)

  • 83,350 tourists arrival to Taman Negara every year

  • Average tourists length of stay in Taman Negara is 2.4 days in 2018

  • Average occupancy rate for the accommodation in Taman Negara is 48.01% in 2018

  • The biggest nature theme resort in Taman Negara

  • Very competitive price factor amongst the star rated hotels

  • No other available option for “Posh-Packers” (who looks for a higher end treatment)


  • Our partnership with Danai Spa is the first in Taman Negara, a deciding factor when tourist booking accommodation in the area

  • First MCM Greenman zero-emission resort in Asia

  • None of the hotels offers Spa treatment for the travelers

  • The business will generate multiple sources of income

  • Backed by solid documents and legal structure

  • Capital protected by land as collateral

Taman Negara Key Strength


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