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Student Accommodation Project (s2)

market outlook

  • Purpose built official student accommodation has one of the highest and stable ROI in developed countries.

  • Student accommodation property is a trend where big institutions are acquiring these building for the stable and high ROI.

  • Most of these student accommodation providers are providing comfortable living space with add on services such as warden, cleaning services, maintenance, shuttle services and WIFI for the students.

  • Students are willing to pay premium rental and usually stay with the same accommodation throughout their studies with the university and enjoy the comfortable living space with their friends from the same university.

  • Parents are more comfortable to send their son/daughter to these university’s official accommodation due to the services and security provided by these accommodation providers.

project info

  • S2 is a project with high potential of high and stable ROI as an official student accommodation for a one of the best universities in Malaysia.

  • With 100% furnishing, management team, maintenance team, cleaning team, shuttle services this will be the most preferred accommodation for student from the university.

  • The original unit consists of 3 room 4 bath and will be converted to 4 rooms, 4 attached bathrooms unit with no cost for all the purchasers.

  • The location is also expected to have good appreciation with the infrastructure improvement by KWASA Land, DASH highway, City of Elmina, MRT line 1 & 2 and many more.

  • With the management team taking care of all the operations the property owners can have peace of mind while enjoying the stable and high ROI.

  • S2 purchasers are entitled to enjoy stamp duty and MOT exemption under House Ownership campaign (1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019)



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