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MCM Global Education Platform

Do you want to be part of a thriving global business education community? Want to connect with other experienced investors and learn from them? Want to gain access to the latest global project opportunities?

Launched in 2016, MCM GIC provides a reliable and sound education platform for new and seasoned investors! Get access to the latest knowledge, information and know-how!

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MCM GIC Member Benefits


Magnify wealth through market-proven PILC and BILC strategies.


Stay ahead with latest global real estate market outlook.


Priority pass for various internal and external events.


Stay current on international legal and tax related matters.


Complimentary access to diverse knowledge-sharing sessions.


Stay connected with a global network at your fingertips.


Learn from the renowned Board of Convenors and Partners.


Stay exclusionary in exclusive projects reserved for members only.

Seminars & Trips

Since it's launch, MCM has managed more than 100 events yearly. That means approximately an event every 3 days! With experience managing over 500 Global Investment Seminars (GIS) in over 30 cities around the world, our education events provide access to the best of education for your investing needs. These range from site visits to education workshops, and much more!

As an MCM GIC member, you will get the opportunity to understand the projects completely.
MCM GIC Eco-System
MCM GIC Eco-System
To help MCM GIC members with their learning and knowledge journey, the MCM GIC has a sharing economy to help maximize usage of resources. MCM had realized that there are inefficiencies in the market, and sometimes things can get unstable. This MCM GIC Eco-System helps with that! Partners get connected with resources, and MCM GIC members get maximum value being in the system. MCM GIC members who have strength and knowledge can become an MCM partner, gaining access to more opportunities.
Project Updates
MCM always provides clear project updates for MCM GIC members within the community! With clarity, MCM GIC members can easily view their projects from a transparent angle, which is reassuring. This can include knowledge about investment vehicles, legal structures, underlying assets and other aspects related to risk.
MCM Project Updates
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