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Investing in Your Knowledge

Connect to MCM global projects

Connect to
MCM Global Projects

With presence in more than 10 countries, we seek out and get connected with opportunities worldwide. Find out more and get involved!

MCM Global Investment Community, Be Part of MCM global INVESTMENT community

Be Part of MCM
Global Education Platform

Want to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and look at the latest projects?

With access to consistent project updates, learning their business models and getting principals to come and talk about their projects, there are plenty of benefits in joining the MCM Global Education Community!

Invest with trust and integrity

Partnership with Trust & Integrity

We have a proven track record, of managing prestigious projects all over the world. Find out more about how we can help you with your business and entrepreneurship skills.

Knowledge is Power, Kofi Annan, Maxshangkar, Midas Touch Asia

" Knowledge is Power “ 
- Kofi Annan

Planning means looking ahead - Tun Dr Matahir bin Mohamad

" Planning means looking ahead "
- Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

Blue Skies

About Us

Driven by the vision

“Your Reliable Global Project Management Consultant”,

Max Capital Management Group of Companies (“MCM”) was founded by Adj. Prof. Dr. Ts. Maxshangkar, (PHD, FCIDE) in 2012.

​Our global partners services:
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Control Assessment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corruption Risk Management
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Business Proposals
  • Policies and Procedures Establishment and Enhancement
  • Corporate Governance & Compliance Services
MCM Global Presence
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