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#2 MCM Global Investment Community: What is it? How it helps you?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The Global Investment Community (GIC) is the perfect way to get a headstart in your investing education. Filled with experience investors, ways to teach yourself about investing, as well as opportunities, you would feel at home in the GIC. Some of the benefits involve gaining access to the Property Investment Life Cycle (PILC) & Business Investment Life Cycle (BILC).

This means:

  • Low capital outlay

  • Asset-backed

  • Defined exit strategies

  • Hassle-free

  • Calculated risks

  • Diversification

A great team to support you all the way!

Here are the 3 main ways that the MCM GIC can help you:

Seminars and Education Workshops

Seminars are one of the best ways to get proper insight from experts. In the investing world, seminars provide you access to these experts, so you can get a shortcut on what to learn and what to be aware of!

The MCM GIC holds over 200 Investment Seminars globally every year, exclusive to its members. Some examples include project site visits, workshops and trips to connect with other investors. By being part of the community, members get the chance to understand the portfolio from the inside and make clearer decisions that way.

Project Updates

It's great to know that MCM provides clear project updates for members in the community! With clarity, members can easily view their projects from a transparent angle, which is reassuring. This can include investment vehicles, legal structures, underlying assets and other aspects related to risk.

A sharing eco-system

To help members with their investing journey as they learn, the GIC has a sharing economy to help maximise usage of resources. MCM had realised that there are inefficiencies in the market, and sometimes things can get unstable: Individuals may not be able to get access to the right resources, and resources may not be efficiently used. This eco-system helps with that! Partners get connected with resources, and members get maximum value being in the system.

What else is there to know?

It's good to be a part of this community because sometimes there are hidden factors that people talk about. These can affect and even prevent you from making the decisions you want, mainly because they may not align with your investing profile.

For example, some factors include:

  • Demographics: How does a project cater to the demographics surrounding it/targeted demographic?

  • Infrastructure: What are the support systems that help with project development?

  • Political stability: What is the current political situation in the country of interest?

  • Economic conditions: To what extent does the economy affect the project at hand?

These and other factors are hidden insights experienced investors would love to get their hands on. Being part of the MCM GIC can give you access to such insights!

Interested? Join us today!

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