We invest in our passion, as well as the value, vision, and mission we believe in. Through this, MCM invests in intellectual property (IP) that aligns with these traits.


Community is important to us, and nurturing ambition and hard work are key influences of our decision to invest.

Here are a few IP's that benefited society:

Investment Strategies For Global Real Estate:
How to make BIG money with small capital?

Through this book, Maxshangkar shares key insights on investing in property around the world. He shares what you need to look out for, what is required to start, and the risks involved.

Late Dani Daksinaputra

MCM had supported to produce music albums by Indonesian artist Dani Daksinaputra.


Highest-grossing locally made Chinese film

The Kid From The Big Apple (2016)

The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget (2017)

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