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We are an experienced Project Management Consultant (PMC) with various projects around the world. We can figure out which opportunities are worth their investment, as well as which industries to tap into.


Seeing much success despite being a young, uprising company, we are in charge of managing projects by applying proven knowledge, skills, and experience at multiple stages.

Hong Kong - 3rd largest financial hub
Hong Kong

There are many advantages to investing in Hong Kong. As the 6th largest stock exchange in the world in terms of market capitalization, Hong Kong is a dynamic city with strong growth prospects. It is a gateway to opportunities in China and also a regional base for expansion across Asia. With this natural standing, we anticipate huge growth for the next decade.


     HONG KONG     

  3rd Largest Financial Hub 

Malaysia -South East Asia in 1 Country

Strategically located in the heart of South East Asia region, Malaysia has potential reach to 600 million people. Infrastructure in Malaysia is designed to serve the business community and it is ranked one of the best in Asia. Property market in Malaysia enjoyed a steady growth for the past two decade.



  South East Asia in 1 country 

Indonesia - 4th largest population

Indonesia is the largest and most populous country in Southeast Asia, which translates into stable property demand. Following the revision of new housing rule at the end of 2015, foreigners can own properties in Indonesia under a longer leasehold term. This foreign investor-friendly regulation will definitely boost confidence and expand the market to international buyers.



  4th Largest Population 

New Zealand - World's freest economy
New Zealand

New Zealand is under the spotlight of international investors. Christchurch is New Zealand’s second-largest city and an important gateway to the South Island. The Christchurch rebuild after the earthquakes is a $40 billion opportunity that will drive decades of development and growth. 



  World's Freest Economy 

Vietnam - Growing startup space

With a booming ICT sector, Vietnam is one of the emerging markets that is kept in close watch. With a gradual Gross Domestic Product growth (7.1% increase from 2018), this country has plenty of opportunities to tap into, from businesses to property.



  Growing Startup Space 

Project Management ConsultaNT

MCM started as a PMC in the property development industry. From a humble beginning to much success, now MCM is involved in various exciting sectors, including FinTech, eCommerce, Healthcare and EduTech.

India -Powerful emerging market

With a population of 1.3bil. people, India is home to many opportunities in just about every sector, ranging from infrastructure to property and businesses. With a growing tech sector as well, there may be plenty of business opportunities for budding investors.



  Powerful Emerging Market 


MCM Development Projects


Stand on the property investment life cycle (PILC) investment strategies, property development business can be a relatively safe investment in the world. Real estate builds wealth more consistently than other asset classes, making it the asset class almost every high net worth individuals own. While prices fluctuate, over the long run real estate values have always gone up, always, and there is no reason to think that is going to change.


 C7 project MCM
ABC project MCM
SS project mcm
GTA project MCM
ULM project MCM
ANM project MCM
MP project MCM
VBL project MCM
EVF project MCM


MCM Fashion Project LWR
MCM Fashion Project GBP
MCM F&B Project FFC
MCM Travel Project EEH
MCM eCommerce Project JCM
MCM eCommerce Project GOU
MCM IOT Project AI
MCM IOT Project WT
MCM Edutech Project GIS
MCM Edutech Project KGS
MCM Fintech Project FDT
MCM Fintech Project LTC
MCM Fintech Project IST
MCM Fintech Project ICS
MCM Aquaculture Project AQUA
MCM Real Estate Project TN
MCM Real Estate Project S2
MCM Real Estate Project BDR
MCM Real Estate Project BDR2
MCM Real Estate Project FAH
MCM Real Estate Project YSG
MCM Real Estate Project DC
MCM Real Estate Project RCR
MCM Real Estate Project MCT
MCM Real Estate Project OPS
MCM Real Estate Project MV
MCM Real Estate Project BS
MCM Real Estate Project NZ
MCM Wellness Project DS
MCM Healthtech Project CURA
MCM Healthtech Project HEB
MCM Hospitality Project TNR
MCM Hospitality Project NZ2
MCM Healthtech Project MXP
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