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Market Outlook

  • The global wellness sector continues to grow and is presently worth approximately US$3.7 trillion. In Malaysia, the health and wellness sector are already a billion-dollar industry and is projected to expand further in the coming years.

  • The country has become a leading growth market for wellness tourism trips, with tourism spending and visits in this segment having grown at an average annual rate of 17%  from 2013 to 2015.

  • The global spa market is projected to grow at the rate of 5.7% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023. Increasing the focus on health and beauty and rising expenditure on luxuries is the major drivers of the market.

  • With the growing potential of wellness and aesthetics industry, DS is in the right position to grow the current business and ready for global expansion and possible corporate exercises like IPO, RTO, M&A, MBO etc which will enhance the stakeholder best interest.

  • Opportunity to be a part of DS who currently owns 5 spa centers in Malaysia.

  • While the spa experience may once have been considered a luxury to hotel guests, hotel owners are fast realizing that it is necessary to have a spa to meet guest expectations and to remain competitive. DS is capitalizing on this trend and enjoy a steady business expansion.

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