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#18 MCM Response to COVID-19

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Dear MCM-Blog readers!

First of all we’d like to apologise for breaking the frequency of our new blog-posts #McmFridayReads for a little while. From now on it is returning back to normal where we release our latest writing every 2 weeks on Fridays.

In 2020 so far we have learned that no matter how much you plan ahead, life could just happen to any of us and all of us at the same time. These are strange times that we are living and unfortunately we are calling it a “NEW NORMAL”.

Going through the hardest part of this year together with you, has lead us to this time where we can finally talk about what recent events has taught us, means to us, affected us as an individual as well as a corporate organization.

We all have our #MCO story and I would be grateful if you could share yours or just a small part of it with us down in the comments section. We could all learn from each other and most certainly there are plenty of lessons that we have learned in the past few months.

Let’s start from the beginning!

Traveling back in time to February has its own surrealism, we already felt something coming and as a company; its presence all over the globe started hitting us in phases. Luckily the industry we are in is constantly changing by nature so we can say that adapting to a “new era” of business is something that we have already been practicing for over a decade. Before the #MCO was announced we made the necessary adjustments such as distributing masks and hand sanitizers to everyone in our offices and started to prepare our team to work remotely. We quickly had to implement new systems to manage tasks, communications and maintain efficiency to make the transition as flawless as possible.

The hardest part was recognizing that everyone has a different working style, especially because everybody is in a different environment, we had to introduce a flexible system of what suits all our colleagues. Creating new roles and responsibilities felt and sounded like a science fiction movie sometimes and the first few zoom meetings we had with the entire team made me feel like how Sylvester Stallone must have felt after waking up from hibernation; finding only 3 seashells in the bathroom not knowing how to use it...

(Demolition Man)

And this was the moment when everything suddenly changed and our amazing team members started coming out with new ideas at a rapid speed in a unified way of thinking. We didn’t have meetings anymore we started to have “brainstorming sessions” instead where everyone voiced their ideas and opinions and then took charge to make it happen. This was witnessing a revolution happening right in front of us during the toughest time of our lives.

We have moved everything online, meetings, events, seminars, training courses, programs.

Literally everything.

You can check these out on our YOUTUBE channel:

And if you like what you see, you can register to our future events here on FACEBOOK (free of charge of course) and participate in our own evolution:


During the MCO we have met a company with a very similar mindset with ours and we have conducted trainings together in the topic of “Financial Literacy for Millennials” during the lockdown using this time to reach out to the younger generation and provide a practical education on how to:

  1. Set practical financial goals

  2. Adopt good financial habits

  3. Strategically save to buy your first home

  4. Put a solid budget plan into action

  5. Repay your PTPTN or loans with ease

  6. Recognise scams and money games

  7. …and MANY MORE!

This collaboration led us to come up with even more “futuristic ideas” and since both of the teams were already in high performance mode we kept on creating.

Together with Money Compass Media we have created MALAYSIA’S FIRST SME E-FAIR an effective bridging platform between solution providers and SMEs. The e-fair will provide SMEs with innovative and effective solutions and consultations all in one place (in the cloud) to help with business recovery post-COVID-19. This e-fair will also have an innovative presentation technology combined with audio visual, 3D animation and articulate programme where all will be convenient for SMEs to acquire information and get connected to the right solution providers. Exhibitors will get the chance to introduce their products and services to SMEs during the e-fair meanwhile visitors will be able to get live consultations on their business needs.

You shall click on the link here for more information and to register. Use this promo code to get FREE access as a visitor for the entire event. This is our special gift from us to our readers. Just key in < eFair1> to the promo code field.


We have been writing about property investments in our previous blogs mostly but these recent events has lead us to create our new series of topics called:


In moving forward to survive and thrive is to remain kind and steadfast. In order to do that sharing of knowledge and information is paramount. We at MCM believe we are able to guide and help Malaysians using our expertise and knowhow. #unitedwestand

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MCM Response to COVID-19

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