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#20 The Different Types of Investments

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

When it comes to investment, people always ask:

“What is the best investment that I can rely on?”

With the introduction of all sorts of investment instruments, we are spoilt for choices in the market. The endless multitude of options can often quite be mind-boggling for anyone, beginner or otherwise. We have:

There are in fact many types of investment that can help us achieve our financial goals, however there is no “magic pill” that fits all criteria in investment world. It all boils down to the goal of investment.

The keyword ‘goal’ can be very different for different individuals: growing net worth, preserving wealth, planning for retirement, saving for education, cash reserve for medical expenses, and the list goes on.

To match the goals with the right investment, we can basically narrow down the choices of the investment to 6 areas: long term, short term, high risk, low risk, capital appreciation and cash flow.

Do note that this is not a black or white categorisation. Some investment class can be structured to shift the nature from high risk to low risk, or from capital appreciation to cash flow return through sophisticated investment strategies. Those strategies are widely used by the high net worth investors and some are highly customisable to suit different investment needs.

Because of the endless options, each with different risk level tolerance, we need to exercise and give much thought to which investment is best suited to our aptitude and risk management. This is where MCM performs at its best. With our expert team of consultants, highly skilled in our individual fields of expertise, MCM is here to guide you every step of the way. Let no stone remain unturned, no missed opportunities lost in the wind, make calculated and concise decisions without hesitation, and confident in the knowledge that your hard earn money is in the best possible hands.

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