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#48 Health and Fitness: A Lifestyle or Just A Trend?

Quick question, do you know about your lifestyle? Do you do an active lifestyle, a rural lifestyle, or maybe a solo lifestyle? Whatever your answer is, is it possible that the lifestyle you do now will stay with you forever? Or will it disappear because it is just a trend? Let's find out the answer!

A lifestyle is what you pay for, a life is what pays you. - Thomas Leonard

When it comes to lifestyle, surely most of you already have routines and activities that have been set and need to be done every day. The lifestyle of an individual depends on the person themself. Sometimes some people used the lifestyle because they grew up in that specific environment, some practice it for several factors and now, it often happens among the younger generation who adopt a lifestyle because of trends. For example, a healthy lifestyle is synonymous with gym and fitness. Does it belong to a lifestyle or is it just a trend that will soon disappear?

A healthy lifestyle takes a long time for someone to practice. Many things need to be taken care of including willingness and consistency. Like doing a diet, some people fail to practice it because a person’s desire influences their acceptance of a better lifestyle.

However, over the past few years, more and more people have begun to tame themselves to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some business owners take the opportunity to start producing diet products, healthy drinks, exercise items, etc. Is a healthy lifestyle already a daily routine for most people or is it just a trend popularized by celebrities and entrepreneurs? Just look at how many celebrities have already started doing cycling activities and uploading their activities on social media. It’s a good change, but sometimes the lifestyle influenced by the trend will easily disappear.

The Health Trend.

Let’s talk about trends. What do you think about trends when you hear the word? It would be something that was popularized by someone known by the public through media platforms like a celebrity, influencer, etc. Not only by a person, but sometimes trends also start with other things. For example, a magazine, newspaper, interviews, blog, vlog, and also a podcast.

As you scroll down through a blog or maybe social media, you would probably find some texts that talk about tips, style, methods, etc. For instance, it would sound something like this, “top three best working in the gym” or “which diet style is suitable for you?”, am I right? Let’s have some other examples like health merchandise or items sold by celebrities that claim the item would help you to have a nice waist or body shape. That kind of content was constantly flying around our social media feed every day. The chance for us to get influenced by them is also high. But did you know what is the worst part? It is when all those influences are stopped, then we will also stop to do the health trend.

The Healthy Lifestyle.

What about lifestyle? Lifestyle can be popularized too but it depends on that person whether the lifestyle is suitable for them or not. The reason is lifestyle is something along with the longevity that you work to obtain. It is something that you don’t have to put up a plan or schedule because it is part of your life, it will naturally come out from your life.

Describing a lifestyle would include the home that you live in, the job you possess, the car that you drive around, how much money you make a day, etc. It is the life you live right now and that is the lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a life filled with exercise routines, healthy food, healthy relationships, enough sleep, a good environment, etc. The best part of a healthy lifestyle is you don’t have to be influenced by all the things on social media feeds. You don’t need fancy gym equipment or don’t even have a bicycle to start cycling, enough with a pair of sports shoes to start running around the park near your house area.

Being healthy does not mean you have to follow the trend or hop around with everyone else, it is all about yourself. You are the one who is working on the lifestyle, the one who lives in that lifestyle. Being the best version of you has nothing to do with the trend where you got a specific time to start exercising or dieting just because you need to look pretty or muscular when going on a beach trip.

Having a healthy body also does not come from all kinds of supplements, vitamins, or diet products if you do not have any effort to change your lifestyle. Technology equipment like FitBit or Apple watch would only contribute around 30% to your healthy lifestyle. Sure those things can enhance your effort into being a more healthy you but that is not what it is all about. We want to talk about your life that was filled with your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health as your number one priority.

It is not easy even for those people who live that kind of lifestyle for a long time already. But this is the fact where a healthy lifestyle is not part of the trend, it is something that needs constant work in progress. So if you realize that you are in the wrong direction, then this is the time for you to fix it. Change your ways and start to live a good life!

Let me help you to get excited about the changes!

One of the ways to get you hype to change into a better life is by some investment. Don’t have to be scared because the investment is all the way just for you. The same concept as to how gamers would spend their money to buy their game equipment like a mouse, laptop, keyboard, etc. to help them play games more efficiently. The investment here is referring to the things that you need to have before going serious in a healthy lifestyle. If you want to have a good quality workout, you need to have high-quality sports apparel. For example, sports shoes.

Did you know wearing inappropriate shoes for workouts will cause you foot injury and needlessly derail your fitness or weight loss attempt? So investing in good quality sports shoes would help you to stay away from unpleasant situations. Not only applicable to shoes, but it is also for the whole part of your body. There are lots of sports apparel produced with high technology to keep you safe from injury and comfortable while exercising. You can check on all sports brands in the market for suitable sports apparel.

But here are some of the best sports apparel for you. It is called Beachbody Gear-Up and they produce lots of apparel and footwear products. Their apparel is specifically designed to enhance fitness training with 4 main steps which are research, design, material, and the tiny details to enhance the function and comfort of their product. It is surely the product that would help to change your lifestyle.

Your life, your choice. Stay healthy!

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