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#5 Global Real Estate Investment Story From Maxshangkar

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The main motivation for us to come out with new "MCM Blog Posts" is that we noticed that there isn’t sufficient information on global Real Estate Investment (REI) where the authors have pre-tested the opportunities and want to share proven investment strategies, and how they work on a global scale. Hence, we have decided to start the MCM BLOG to share various proven methods of investing in global real estate opportunities, with valuable pre-tested opportunities as case studies to caution fresh investors and first time global real estate investors. We have also included some of the most common mistakes that we know from experience that people usually make when investing in real estate.

There is another reason we are writing this blog for you! It is to share some of our hard-earned experience, especially dedicated to young entrepreneurs with humble beginnings who have been facing challenges in their life yet have not given up the fight to achieve their dreams. As Sylvester Stallone once said:

“Life’s not about how hard you can hit, but it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

Resilience is the key to life achievements. Staying focused and remaining robust at all times are the fundamental traits of a discerning investor. Sometimes in life, you may make a wrong investment decision that can put you in a very bad situation, requiring years to recover.

Let us share the story of our MCM's founder and Group CEO, Maxshangkar in his own words.

"Within the first year of doing network marketing business, I was already earning an income way above many my age. I was too ambitious then and thought I could achieve the same success story when a close friend of mine approached me for a commodity trading business that I invested in with all my hard-earned savings. After 3 years, I not only lost all that I had, but was left with a debt of close to half a million owing in credit cards; I was struggling with the monthly minimum repayments and was left with very little for basic living expenses like petrol for my motorcycle, and allowances for my ageing parents. I almost give up the most valuable thing in my life - the belief in possibilities! My world was closing in on top of me to a point I felt that my destiny was just to repay my debts.

Luckily, after meeting several successful people who had gone through far worse lessons in life than me that had bounced back from the hardships and with strong moral support from my friends, I decided to give myself a chance. A chance to make a breakthrough with life lessons learned in the past and to avoid falling into similar pitfalls. I’m not encouraging anyone to play it safe in life because in business, you need to take calculated risks and a fair amount of courting with danger. It was then that I ventured into the real estate industry, in marketing and sales. In those years, I only had time and my ability to put in the effort, and not much else! Within the first 3 years, not only did I fully pay off my debts, but by the end of the third year I was able to acquire a few properties locally and later, several properties overseas."

Another reason that motivated us to start a blog is more personal, we at MCM believe in encouraging young entrepreneurs from small towns to believe in themselves; if they have the determination to improve, nothing can stop them. Our founder Maxshangkar firmly believes in the possibility of changing your circumstances, not matter how dire. To quote him:

“I was born in a small village called Batu Arang in Selangor, Malaysia. I also wanted to make my parents proud, although my beloved father died very suddenly many years ago.

Coming from humble beginnings, I had to work part time in a furniture factory at the early age of 13 to indulge in things like a bicycle that my parents couldn’t afford. During my university days, I had to work part time as a teacher to partially pay for my course fees and cost of living. With the desire to take better care of my family when I graduated at the age of 23, I was determined not to work for others to achieve other people’s dreams, but rather to work towards fulfilling my own dreams. Thus, after graduation, despite being offered a lucrative starting salary as a computer network engineer, I rejected the offer and ventured full time into a network marketing business and later to commodity trading business and now global REI.

It has always been my passion to share my experiences and insight that have helped me to transform my life and that of my family. I hope my sharing can also add value to others, the same way many mentors have added value to my life when I needed guidance."

As always, we would like to remind our dear readers:

"All information provided in this website and blogs are based on our community members ' experience and internal research, please do your own due diligence before adopting any investment strategies outlined in this website and articles".

Please always consult with your own trusted reliable experts before investing in any opportunities that you may find attractive for you. Always ask yourself, “If this is too good to be true, would the promoter or expert first invest in these good projects themselves?”

“How you do anything, is how you do everything!” - T. Harv Eker -

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