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#50 Tips for Buying Right Athleisure Wear for A Good Workout

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Be comfortable and embrace the right style of athleisure wear with ultra-modern fabric technology!

A good workout is influenced by a proper exercise routine and good equipment. However, wearing actual sportswear or athleisure also contributes to the quality of the exercise performed. So, here are a few tips for you to know about the right types of athleisure wear for a good workout.

#1: Instead of a regular bra, change to a sports bra.

Women currently are becoming more active in sports, and fitness. But here is one mistake they tend to make while doing the workout. They still wear regular bras that they wore daily like Seamless or Strapless bras. They only know bras mostly work as breast support, but bras actually are designed for a variety of purposes. It is also designed for a specific occasion like doing a workout and also for different sizes and shapes. Remember everyone has a different type of body shape and size, so they need a variety of types of bras too.

Workouts need lots of big movement from top to bottom. So to avoid uncomfortably or some dangerous movement, a sports bra will do the magic. There are lots of sports bras styles that are ideal for all kinds of low-impact to high-impact sports ranging. For example, the Criss-cross back style bra provides firmer support, and the knock-out back bra style gives good support for high-intensity workouts. And it would be much better if the bras have an extended band for 2 inches below the breasts to banish jiggles and rolls.

Another feature that you need to have is removable bra cups for a customizable fit. You can find bras like Women's Knock Out Bra. Perhaps, Women's Intent Power Bra for high impact workout with bonded seams material and laser-cut details features for breathability.

Sports bras work more greatly than any regular bra, especially while doing a workout. You only need to choose the right one depending on what kind of workout or sports you are going to do.

#2: Choose a tank top with the right material.

A tank top is an additional attire for athletic wear and it was designed sleeveless to keep us cool. Tank tops only cover the essential part of our body to give more freedom of movement in our arms. It also helps to make us feel comfortable while doing the workout.

There are lots of tank top styles we can wear while workout like thick strap, racerback, sheer, athletic tank top, etc. All styles of tank tops serve the same purposes but need to be reminded that there are only a few styles that are suitable for workouts.

For example, the thick strap tank top is the most comfortable tank top to wear. But the style was not suitable as it is too loose to the body and would disturb the workout session. Instead, we can use the athletic tank top because it was designed to fits slightly close to the body. The athletic tank top also has a fixed bandeau that provides full support during the workout. Athletic tank tops have a different kind of style too. Like the thick strap or racerback tank top but in bandeau, material to be stretched and loose whenever required.

You can find a cropped tank top too. For example, the Women's Splice Tank will fit with high side vents to give the lightweight element. Men's Ascend GFX Muscle Tank is a great example of the athletic fit tank top with special features of Thermal Weld Seam Tape. It works to prevent water from leaking through those seams.

#3: Leggings work better than regular pants for the workout.

Leggings are not new things for the workout. Lots of people, women or men, would choose to wear leggings over any kind of pants. It is because legging is usually stretchable and feels good to our skin. We can be comfortable moving around and can look great too. Now, lots of leggings have been designed to fit trendy athletic wear.

But not all kinds of leggings we can use for workouts. Here are some tips to choose the right legging. To have better movement, choose leggings that have the 'yoga pants' characteristic. Normal leggings would have a thin and see-through material. We don't want to show part of our legs to other people in the gym, right? So, yoga pants usually will be thick a little bit more than normal leggings and not see-through. It is also stretchable with a thicker waistband and sweat-wicking technology.

Intent Compression Crop Tight added the mesh details to give you the fashion twist and keep you cool. It also has the stay-put waistband technology that makes it stay where it was while workout.

If you are a man, don't worry if you need to find yoga pants for men. Because lots of sports apparel have to produce leggings with specific characteristics like yoga pants now. You would be able to find lots of trendy leggings with various designs that suit you.

#4: Be safe with the right sports shoes and not sneakers.

Baseball, fencing, cycling, rugby, and hockey are among the sports that need lots of protective gear. It is applied too when you are doing the workout, you need your protective gear. The best you can have is your sports shoes. But not everyone loves to wear sports shoes, especially those people who are comfortable wearing sneakers.

The word “sneakers” (or tennis shoes) is a slang term that is typically casual and great for everyday wear. It is durable and cheaper with a stylish look that you can wear for different occasions. Sports shoes, on the other hand, offer some special features that are appropriate for sports activities. The features include sweat-wicking materials, breathable air pockets, extra cushion in inner shoes, shock absorption, and additional support.

You can find indoor sports shoes with mesh material on top and EVA foam for the outsole to give the lightweight and flexible foot cage like Glaze Scorpion sports shoes from Beachbody. If you want something practical but stylish, you can have Men's MATTEO sports shoes. It is suitable for weightlifting activities because of its mid-foot strap features to secure fit, and a flat wide base platform.

Those sports shoe features would help prevent you from any foot or ankle injury when workout. So, it is better to have sports shoes than sneakers, right? Now, lots of sports brands have started to make sports shoes the same as sneakers, so you can wear sports shoes in your daily day too.

#5: Bigger tees would make you more relaxed than fitted tees.

A tee or t-shirt is one-piece clothing that we wear as casual wear every day. But some people would choose to wear tees than a tank top for the workouts. Women also would choose to wear tees than a cardigan or jacket to cover their body after a workout.

Bigger tees would make a perfect style to keep our bodies cool and dry as they have better ventilation. The main point is to have ease and flow. Athleisure tees usually have special technology like cotton- or linen-based fabrics to offer breezy comfort with sweat-wicking.

You may choose your favorite sleeve length for the tees as they have lots of styles. For example, cap sleeve tees or long sleeve tees to suit your style. But usually, most people would choose the short sleeve.

But it is never wrong with a long sleeve hoodie after a workout depending on the temperature of your workout location. You can have Men's Half Zip Adapt with a half zip adapt and shape retention features for more comfort. Or a more stylish design tee for women. Women's V-Neck Tee has two special designs novel peek-a-boo design details and side vents with drop-tail.

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