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#1 Meet the Founder of MCM

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Handling development projects from Malaysia to New Zealand, a strategy determined to encompass and understand the strategies working in different markets.

The greatest reason for this drive is none other than the beloved founder of MCM, Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar (CVTAPC). Dedicated to helping out the people, he achieves his mission through MCM. Let’s start from the beginning!

“I had lots of opportunity to hone my soft skills over four years, and I developed a good global networking base. " - Maxshangkar

In the beginning…

Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar obtained an MBA in International Business (Distinction) from the University of East London, United Kingdom. He first gained experience from selling healthcare products and water purification systems.

He jumped from field to field: network marketing, commodity trading, buying and selling in diesel petroleum products around the world. Then, a door of opportunity opened for him through property. The main motivation for it was its rise after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

The gap was clear: not many people are thorough with their due diligence:

“They don’t do proper research and planning, so they don’t know when to invest, or how much," Maxshangkar said. "Whether they should buy that particular piece of property for investment or residence."

To solve the problem, he founded the Property Investment Life Cycle (PILC), a strategy determined to encompass and understand the strategies working in different markets. Accommodating this was the establishment of the Max Capital Management (MCM) group: built to include all parts of property development involved.

"Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you."

The $10 billion result

MCM has grown to witness much success around the world, with projects spanning across countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, US, UK, New Zealand, and many more. The projects had reached up to a valuation of USD 10 billion!

Even better, they have expanded their services to include project management consulting, strategic planning for local and internationally renowned property developers, and marketing/sales strategies for real estate agencies and other entities. As a result of their successful project, they have the necessary experience, the proven track record and a motivated leader to carry their happy customers towards the right direction.

What Maxshangkar believes in

A regular speaker at many private investment seminars, Maxshangkar never changed his values from the beginning: People before Profit. His ambitions had always been at a global scale, and he had the determination to achieve them. With MCM, he is ready to take his loyal customers with him!

If you'd like to follow his direction and understand how he had reached his success, do send us an inquiry and the team will assist you. Otherwise, keep up to date on our success through this growing blog!

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